We’re Off

We’re Off! : May 2011

At 12pm tonight, we will leave to attempt to summit Everest. After all these weeks of trekking, practice climbing, waiting, acclimatising and preparing, it’s finally happening. Our magnificent Sherpa’s have built our camps and completed roping up the dangerous parts of the route a few days ago with Adrian our lead guide and summited at the same time. There is now a weather window on Saturday 14th May that we are aiming for and it takes 5 days from base camp so we leave tonight!

It was announced at dinner last night. We knew something was up as the guides all met quickly beforehand in quite a serious manner. Adrian then waited for dinner to finish before letting us know. I spent most of dinner waiting to hear whatever it was they were going to say. I must admit that it was still a bit of a shock; I had convinced myself that it would be a few more days so I was still in ‘chill’ mode. A few of us sat there afterwards getting used to the idea and starting to mentally prepare. Having said that, I slept pretty well last night and woke this morning thinking of all the things that I needed to do today.

It’s funny how the mind works and the things that you worry about at this time. I want to make sure that my camera works on the summit and I get a good picture and I need a good marker pen to make a sign that I have been planning in my head… i.e. not worrying about the risk of falling off, or getting frostbite, or not making it?? Weird huh. I suppose it’s because those things are out of my hands at this late stage. I’m fit and healthy and I’ve climbed well so far. I’ve been preparing for this moment for a year and now it’s time to get on with it. What ever happens happens.

I feel like you are all with me. Willing me to make it. Thank you very much for all your support.

Wish me luck. Cross your fingers and toes. I’m going to focus on keeping mine warm.